Integrate our virtual tours on your Facebook page

Our tours are easily integrated in websites but did you know that you can also include our virtual tours on the Facebook page of your business?

Generate additional traffic to your virtual tour by capturing the attention of you Facebook audience with stunning 360° visuals. We want to make sure that even businesses that don’t own a website or that have a website that is under construction can already reach visitors on social media.

We can embed your YOUREKA! virtual on a specific tab sheet on your Facebook page so it catches the eye and visitors can easily navigate to your tour.

In our analytics back-end you can track how many of your virtual tour visitors have viewed your tour on Facebook,  how much time they spent exploring and how many conversion are being made via Facebook.

How does it work?

Well it’s pretty easy; once your tour is finished and online, we provide you with some easy to follow instructions on how to include the tour on your page. Having troubles? We’re always here to assist !

What does it cost?

That’s the best part; Facebook integration is included in the license fee so you don’t have to worry about additional hidden costs !

If you have any questions about the integration of our virtual tours on social media don’t hesitate to contact us on