Create leads from your virtual tour

Our virtual tours are strongly focused on creating and stimulating interactivity with your visitors. In a time where it’s harder than ever to capture the attention of potential customers, offering a great user experience goes a long way in attracting new customers ! Let online visitors virtually explore your business and offer them the possibility to immediately order what they see in your tour

Depending on your business type and conversion goals there are several call to action buttons we can include; hotel and restaurant reservations, requests for real estate property visits, links to webshops, newsletter sign-up forms and much more.

Direct bookings & webshop links

Let your visitors experience what it would be like to visit your business and capture the moment by allowing them to make a reservation straight from within the tour or by redirecting them to the booking page on your website. For hotels we enable visitors to book the exact room type they’re virtually visiting by including a call to action “Book Now” button.

We integrated our virtual tours with with platforms such as Resengo and Cubilis to allow for seamless and easy on-line booking. Using a different platform? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do !

For businesses with a webshop we can create deep links that lead your visitors to your online shop where they can finalise their order. Highlight specific brands in your tour and invite your visitors to learn more about the products or services you’re offering.

Track Performance & conversions

We find it important that you can monitor and measure the ROI our tours deliver to your business. Therefore we created an Analytics back-end that enables you to track how often customer click specific call to action buttons in your virtual tour.

In the blink of an eye you can see how much time users spend in your virtual tour, which hotspots are the most popular and how much leads are being generated via Call to action buttons like “Contact”, “Book Now”, “Request Quote” & many more.