It’s our goal to attract as many visitors as possible to your virtual tour so we want to share 7 tips that will help you increase the number of visits and conversions.

1. Website Placement

Good website placement is very important when you want to make sure that visitors can easily find your virtual tour on your website. We suggest adding a specific virtual tour menu-item in the navigation menu so that people can find your tour as fast as possible.

Depending on the structure and look of your website you might want to place the virtual tour in a different place and with a different format. We suggest embedding the virtual tour as wide as possible; preferably full-width for an optimal visitor experience. A larger virtual tour embed screen will be more inviting for visitors to try out !

2. Facebook Page Integration

Your Facebook Page is one of the most important platforms for your business to reach potential clients. Therefore it makes a lot of sense to integrate your virtual tour on your Facebook Page as well.

Both people that visit your website directly and online visitors that do online research via facebook and end up at your Facebook page will be able to visit your tour.

YOUREKA! Facebook integration is included in your license and is easily configured in cooperation with one of our YOUREKA! representatives assisting you. Your virtual tour will show in a separate tab as can be seen in the screenshot.

3. E-mail Signature

Invite people to visit your virtual tour with every e-mail you send by including a link in your e-mail signature. Invite the people you’re communicating with to discover your business in 360° with wording such as

“Take a look inside thanks to our virtual tour at link”  or

“Discover our business in 360° here

Hide the link behind an image in your signature that links to the virtual tour. If the person you’re e-mailing missed the experience on the website, they’re made aware of it via your e-mail signature.

4. Tweet about it !

Once your virtual tour is live on your website you want to share it with the world in as many ways as possible. Tweeting about it is another good way to get additional online exposure and reach an audience you might not reach otherwise.

Be sure to include the link to the virtual tour in the tweet to make it convenient for visitors to click through and visit the actual tour. When your tour gets updated with new photographs or information; keep your followers updated and tweet about it !

Follow-up on the number of visitors that result from Twitter and other social media plaforms in your YOUREKA! analytics dashboard.

5. Share on Instagram

Create a post on Instagram to help promote your tour. Try posting a screenshot of the tour to engage with your Instagram audience or ask us about our social media packages with ready-to-post visuals for your Instagram feed.

Instagram doesn’t support links in post descriptions so we suggest placing the virtual link as the website for your Instagram account and referring followers to the link in the biography.

6. Blog about it !

Your new virtual tour is the ideal subject to blog about. Direct people’s attention towards your new 360° experience by dedicating a blog post to it.

Tell your visitors all about the possibilities of your virtual tour and let them try it for themselves by embedding the tour into the blog post.

Share how your experience was throughout the creation process and if you’re happy with your virtual tour and would like to share your experience with your audience please do so and let us know. We love hearing your succes stories.

7. Post a 360° photo on Facebook

Since Facebook supports 360° media such as photos and videos, it’s the ideal platform to share some of the 360° photographs from the virtual tour.

Add a link in the description to take the visitors to the actual tour where the 360° photo is from.

360° Photos generate a lot of engagement on Facebook so be sure to make use of them to promote your virtual tour.

Click on the photo on the right to see an example of a 360° photo we made at Regatta Club, Antwerpen. Link opens Facebook in a new window and shows the actual posted 360° photo.

Those were the tips guys ! Hope you learned something and if you have any questions; don’t hesitate to contact us below !

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