For the last couple of weeks we have been working on one of our biggest projects to date… The Ryder Cup 2018, taking place in Paris, France at Golf Le National.

As official 360° content provider of Ryder Cup Team Europe we created an immersive 360° experience throughout this legendary sporting event.

Learn more below:

All Access coverage

As official 360° content creator we took on the task to provide virtual all access coverage. We did so by creating a 360° virtual tour experience throughout the event.

Discover some of the most exclusive locations on and around the golf course that grant unseen access to some of the most exclusive locations.

Feel what’s it like to stand on some of the greens, check out Team Europe’s locker room, stand amongst the crowd in the grandstand, … we captured it all!

Some impressive stats

Check out the stats on the visits our Ryder Cup virtual tour generated over the course of a week! Thanks to Google our Analytics integration we are able to track all conversions and relevant activities in real time.

We measured a conversion rate of over 16% and a staggering average engagement time of 17 minutes and 46 seconds. This on a total of 49000 virtual tour visits from all over the world.

Our main goal is to increase conversions from 360° experiences so it’s important to be able to track these successes. Learn more about accessing your analytics dashboard and how to track your virtual tour’s performance in this blogpost.

Homepage placement

The 360° experience is easily accessible on the The Ryder Cup Team Europe homepage or via the website menu.

Good website placement is very important when you want to make sure that visitors can easily find your virtual tour on your website.

We always suggest adding a specific virtual tour menu-item in the navigation menu so that people can find your tour as fast as possible. Read more about ideal website placement in this blog post.

Ryder Cup 2018 app integration

To reach Ryder Cup fans on mobile, the virtual tour was integrated in the official Ryder Cup 2018 smartphone app.

As all our 360° experiences are mobile-friendly by default, it was a only small effort to include the virtual tour into the Ryder Cup 2018 app.

Mobile app integration of virtual tours is the ideal way to engage your mobile audience and transport them right into the action.

Social Media content

Besides the standalone 360° experience we created, we also delivered 360° content such as photos and videos for social media use.

This content was posted one the official Facebook page and was shared over 550 times.

Throughout the Ryder Cup 2018, several high-engagement 360° posts were made. Click on the example to the right to be redirected to the original post on the official Ryder Cup Team Europe Facebook page.

360° video content

We included 4K 360° video content in the virtual tour to increase the level of immersion for virtual visitors of the Ryder Cup. Video is a great way to stimulate engagement so including it in any virtual tour is a great idea.

Several immersive video clips were shot throughout the weekend and included in the virtual tour.

Check some out the videos at the practice facilities and some of the greens in the virtual tour.

Facebook page integration

The Official Ryder Cup Team Europe Facebook page added a tab that links directly to the virtual tour. Making it easier for Facebook fans to find the tour and discover Le Golf National in 360°.

Social media platforms like Facebook are ideal to drive traffic to your virtual tour. Especially with the over 360.000 followers Ryder Cup Team Europe has. Read more about other virtual tour traffic best practices in this blog post.


Check out the Official Ryder Cup 2018 virtual tour by clicking the image below

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