Last weekend YOUREKA! was present at the Basketball Champions League Final Four event in The Antwerps Sportpaleis as 360° content provider.

Throughout the weekend we captured a ton of engaging 360° photos and videos of the players, teams and venue.

The result is an engaging 360° fan experience throughout this legendary sporting event that allows basketball fans to get close to the action.

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All Access coverage

As 360° content creators we provided virtual all access coverage throughout the whole Final Four weekend. We did so by shooting engaging and exciting 360° content on locations that are mostly restricted to general public.

Discover some of the most exclusive locations on and around the court and gain virtual access to many other hotspots like the team rooms, press area and more.

Longer engagement time

See some of the visitors stats that our Champions League Basketball virtual tour generated over the course of the weekend ! We measured an average conversion rate of over 11% and an impressive average time of 11 minutes and 34 seconds spent in the 360° experience.

Thanks to Google our Analytics integration we can track all types conversions and relevant activities in real time.

Homepage placement

The 360° experience is easily accessible on the official Basketball Champions League homepage via a graphic button inviting visitors to discover the venue.

Optimal website placement is extremely important when you want to make sure that visitors can access your virtual experience.

We suggest adding a specific 360° experience menu-item in the navigation menu or prominently placing it on your homepage so that people can find it as fast as possible. Read more about ideal website placement in this blog post.

Social Media content

Besides the standalone 360° experience we created, we also delivered 360° video content for Basketball Champions League to post on social media.

Throughout the whole Final Four weekend, several high-quality 360° videos were recorded to stimulate fan experience using our virtual all-access formula. Some of this content, like a fragment from the trophy ceremony, was posted on the official Facebook page.

360° video content

We included 4K 360° video content in the virtual tour to enhance the fan experience of online virtual experience visitors. 360° Video is an ideal way to stimulate engagement so including it in any virtual tour is a great idea to grow your brand.

Several immersive video clips were shot throughout the weekend and included in the virtual tour.

Check some out the videos we made of warmups, time-outs and more in the virtual tour.

Check out the Official Champions League Basketball 2019 – Final Four experience by clicking the image below

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