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A while ago we got the amazing opportunity to create interactive 360° experiences for market leader Kinepolis Group in Luxembourg.

The focus was on two main business objectives: increasing the rental of event spaces and stimulating the sale of on-site publicity space.

Our high quality virtual walkthroughs enable online visitors to walk around freely in the cinema complexes, allowing B2B prospects to discover event and advertising facilities in first person while being provided with relevant and practical location information throughout their experience.

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B2B event spaces

In the B2B experience we showcase the different cinema halls that the 3 complexes have to offer in 360° and highlight what sets them apart from regular conference rooms.

Prospects can see information such as number of seats, screen size and more so that they can easily choose the hall that’s right for their event.

We also captured multipurpose event locations that can be displayed in several setup configurations to emphasize different customer use cases. Whether potential B2B customers are planning a reception, a round table event or something else, they will be able to get a preview of your locations as if they were there.

Visualise advertising space

Our 360° experiences guide potential advertising partners through all the different display advertising assets available at the cinema complexes.

We highlight the different touchpoints where moviegoers are exposed to advertising spaces on their customer journey. From LED-walls on the outside of the building, to suspended billboards and commercials on the movie screens.

By doing so, we enable marketing to simulate a customer’s brand presence at these strategic locations throughout the 3 locations. By uploading advertising graphic elements to the many different digital placeholders in the virtual visit the marketing team can easily simulate what the end result would look like in real life.


We included an aspect of gamification in the 360° in the form of an escape game to stimulate discovery of the different facilities. Visitors were invited to become real detectives and find hidden clues in Kinepolis Kirchberg.

Participants were instructed to discover and inspect the different areas of the virtual visit and had to decipher the puzzle that allowed them to participate in a draw and win a conference room rental with the Kinepolis Business team!

Social Media Campaign

Since the project is geared towards B2B customers and partners, Kinepolis Business Luxembourg launched their new 360° experiences via a social media campaign on Linkedin.

A week before the launch, a teaser was posted announcing that something new and exciting was coming soon.

On launch day itself the virtual visits and the escape game were unveiled, shared and reshared multiple times, gaining social traction in and out of Kinepolis Groups’s network.

Check out the Kinepolis Luxembourg B2B 360° experience by clicking the image below

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