We’re proud to announce that we kicked off 2020 with one of our biggest and most challenging projects to date…

In collaboration with Proximus Skynet Advertising, we were tasked with creating the official interactive 360° experience of the 2020 Brussels Motor Show.

Within 24 hours of the opening of the event we were live and ready to welcome thousands of online visitors.

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Partners in the spotlight

With Opel and Nissan being partners of the 2020 Brussels Motor Show, the overall goal of this 360° experience was to place both automotive brands in the online spotlight and to drive traffic to their respective websites, ultimately leading to conversions.

For each of the two brands we provided a high-quality immersive 360° view of their complete booth, including interior views of 4 different car models. Inside the cars we placed rich content info markers, model-specific videos and car configurators that stimulated interactivity even more.

Call To Action (CTA) buttons that linked to specific Opel and Nissan landing pages were prominently placed inside the visitor’s viewport. At the bottom of the screen, an additional banner was included that leads to the Opel and Nissan homepages, driving additional traffic.

Eye-catching logo placement throughout the whole 360° experience made sure we maximized brand awareness for the two partners.

Widespread online coverage

The end result was featured on the official website of the Brussels Motor Show but also gained nationwide online coverage via several large online media outlets such as MSN.be, Vroom.be and Pickx.be.

In combination with active promotion on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, this widespread coverage led to a continuous stream of curious visitors that wanted to discover the event in 360°.

Some statistics 📈

Over the course of the 9 days during which the Brussels Motor Show took place we welcomed almost 70.000 virtual visitors. Thanks to the implementation of our 360° experience analytics we were able to track relevant information about the specific actions that visitors undertake.

Let’s have a look at some of the impressive stats:

    • Visitors spent 3464 hours & 25 minutes in the experience
    • A total of 202.242 hotspots were visited
    • A conversion rate of 23% was achieved
    • On average, visitors spent 3 minutes and 15 seconds
    • Visitors from 108 different countries worldwide

Because data is essential when measuring success, all this information and more is available to our customers in their analytics dashboard.

Gamification & Activation

Besides the primary objective of promoting partners Opel and Nissan there was a secondary objective of enthusing online visitors to come and discover the Brussels Motor Show in real life.

With that in mind we captured a teaser photo of each of the booths, showing a general overview without giving away everything there was to see. The goal was to spark curiosity in the online visitors and to convince them to come and have a look in real life. We included a call to action button leading to the ticket sale page on the website as an easily accessible conversion path.

By organising a competition that raffled 2 entry tickets for the event, Proximus Pickx stimulated the general buzz surrounding the 9-day event by including a gamification aspect. Participants had to respond to a question that could only be answered after visiting the 360° experience, driving additional traffic to the virtual visit and further activating potential real life visitors.

Check out the Official Autosalon 2020 virtual experience by clicking the image below

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