In times of Covid-19, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to provide prospects with real-life guided tours of their production plants and industrial facilities. 

Our interactive 360° experiences provide a safe and innovative solution to this challenge by enabling prospects or (prospective) employees to visit the premises virtually. Either at their own pace or with virtual guidance using our webinar functionality.

This blog post explains how industrial production businesses can benefit from incorporating 360° experiences in their sales and marketing strategy to reach and convert more prospects.

Read on to find out how 360° experiences can help industrial manufacturing business…

Showcase production facilities

Our 360° experiences are the ideal tool to inform your prospects and existing customers about the different steps in your production process while guaranteeing their safety. Virtual visits provide an exclusive behind the scene look of your production site and allow you to highlight specific parts of your manufacturing line in a visually engaging way. The interactive aspect of being able to discover everything for yourself stimulates online visitors to learn more about each of the specific steps in the production process without the risks that come with real-life tours like revealing proprietary secrets or disturbing the workflow.

Using our webinar functionality, it’s possible to show around more people at the same time than it is in real life while guaranteeing safety for all visitors. Webinars also allow you to provide live audio commentary during the virtual visit to provide additional information and answer visitors’ questions.

Tell the story of your business

Tell the story of your business in a compelling way. Explain visitors “how it’s made” by guiding them through the production process step by step or take them on a historical journey throughout the history of your business. We often use a phased approach so that visitors can easily navigate between the different production steps or time periods.

Additional photos and videos can be integrated to enrich the experiences even further and to stimulate visitor engagement.


Call to actions

Because our 360° experiences are designed to maximize the generation of leads and increase the number of conversions, you’ll almost always find prominent Call-to-action (CTA) buttons throughout our virtual visits. Depending on which business objective you want to fulfill, these CTA’s can lead to a 1-on-1 session, a job interview, a callback from a sales representative, a product brochure download, or any action you want your online visitor to take.

Because it’s important to be able to measure the success of your marketing efforts we designed everything in a way that allows you to keep track of the number of conversions. These data and much more can be found in your personal Youreka dashboard. Here you can also find contact form submissions from within your 360° experience.


Our 360° experiences are also a safe and responsible alternative to physical job days, in the current climate of restrictions due to Covid-19Recruiters can easily invite prospective employees to a virtual job day using one of our interactive 360° experiences and job-applicants can get a behind the scenes view of their future work environment to discover all available vacancies in a fun and visual way.

Read more about how you can use 360° experiences for HR purposes in this separate blog post.

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