Human Resources touches on a lot of different facets of the employee experience: hiring, training, and communication – to name but three. Virtual experiences are a new and easy way to improve all those areas.

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In a time where experiences are more valuable than things, it’s no wonder virtual experience proves an effective way to attract new hires. Workers are just as concerned with the quality of their work environment as they are with their role and their salary. 

Recruiters can easily invite prospective employees to a virtual job day using one of our interactive 360° experiences. Job applicants can get a behind the scenes view of their future work environment and discover all available vacancies in a fun and visual way. 

Our virtual experiences are also a safe and responsible alternative to physical job days, in the current climate of restrictions due to Covid-19


360° experiences are a great way to both convey information and get new employees excited for their job. It also allows employers to give new employees pre-programmed training sessions that are interactive

This onboarding tool proves especially useful when you have several new employees starting at multiple offices at the same time. It’s an easy to deploy and cost-effective way to introduce prospective employees to their company culture.

Employee education and communication

Virtual experiences are also a cool way to highlight new things at your company for existing employees. A 360° in-depth tour of all great things happening at your organization can be a fun and impactful way to make sure everyone feels valued and part of the same team

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