Senefelder Misset is a Dutch printing professional with almost 150 years of experience. Because of the current Covid restrictions, they aren’t able to show clients around their facilities. Enter virtual technology. A 360° experience gives their clients and partners a sneak peek of Senefelder Misset’s inner workings and what they do best as a full-service graphic provider. 

Tailored experience

The experience is fully customizable, allowing Senefelder Misset to choose which specific parts of their production lines they want to show, whether it’s the prepress workings, the rotation offset, logistics, or the offices. 

CEO Ronald van Rossum confirms this ability to create a tailored experience to be one of the best assets of the 360° tour, as it aligns with the company’s focus on customer care: “We can create a fully dedicated tour for a specific client or prospect. If a publisher has a magazine with an edition of less than 10.000 copies that need to be bound and not stitched, we can create a tour that only includes the production lines for this type of client.”

Covid proof

As a result of the Covid pandemic, Senefelder Misset had to close its doors to the public to ensure the safety of its employees as well as its visitors. Van Rossum felt talking to prospects via video call was a little too stand-offish. “Experience has taught us that there’s a great interest in taking a tour of our company. People like to see what we do and how the company is fairing. This virtual experience allows us to show our visitors around in a safe and responsible way.”

But van Rossum also recognizes the value of the 360° experience in post-Covid times. “I’m convinced that the way people travel has changed radically. We’re handling and spending our time differently. Our virtual experience perfectly fits this new way of life.”

The 360° experience can be found on the Senefelder website. Or check it out below!

Lead generator

Senefelder Misset’s virtual experience also includes a teaser tour. It gives a quick overview of the services the printing company offers to their clients and shows off their main assets. At the end of the teaser, prospects who want to see more can fill out a contact form. Senefelder Misset’s sales team will then follow up on these leads using these data

A dashboard provides them with indispensable information about how their virtual experience is performing, including how many visitors the experience attracts and how well they respond to the calls to action in the tour. “This gives us a very good idea of who our prospects are and enables us to follow up on those leads,” van Rossum says. The virtual experience was also developed to improve the sales process for prospects from abroad. The CEO confirms it’s an enormous time-saver: “Instead of making a publisher from London come to the Netherlands for two days, this 360° experience allows us to show them our facilities in just one hour.”

Discover the Senefelder Misset experience below!

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