Belgium’s national railway association NMBS has been steadily growing over the years, resulting in a wide range of job opportunities. However, because of the current Covid restrictions, they have not been able to physically show new applicants around in their future workplace. The innovative solution: virtual job days.

360° Experiences of the different NMBS workplaces have not only attracted new hires in a Covid-proof way, but have also made their recruitment and onboarding process quicker, easier, and more cost-effective

Recruitment made easy

When opening a 360° experience, visitors are greeted by a selection tool that provides an overview of all job fields at NMBS, ranging from technical jobs to sales positions. It serves as a handy overview for visitors but also allows recruiters to target specific audiences.  

The 360° experiences can walk visitors through a specific workplace, highlighting particular activities or innovations that make this workplace unique. Or it can take the viewer on a train journey, showing off the responsibilities of a dispatcher or train conductor. It can even explore a construction site, zooming in on the various job types required to build or renovate a train station. When going virtual, the possibilities are endless. 

Analytics and insights

The virtual experiences have been integrated on NMBS’ new job website, allowing visitors to explore each of the experiences on their own. Curious Georges and Georginas who browse through a particular experience, but don’t necessarily click their way through to the NMBS application website, are stimulated through various calls to action to fill in their personal details. This way, recruiters can follow up on these leads by reaching out to them directly

Our nifty dashboard assembles all data and information generated by the 360° experiences. This way, NMBS knows exactly how their virtual experiences are performing. Here, recruiters can customize a 360° experience any way they please if they want to approach applicants in a more personal way. They also have the option to schedule group viewings through a webinar module.

Welcoming workers

NMBS can also use their 360° experiences in their onboarding process. As the 360° tours are fully customizable, HR managers can choose which specific activity or workplace area they want to show new hires. This especially comes in handy when explaining activities that require a lot of safety precautions. 

Showing a particular workplace as a whole also helps prospective employees to see the bigger picture, makes them understand how their job is part of a production cycle, and helps them connect with their coworkers and the workplace on a deeper level

It also allows new employees to virtually revisit their new place of work at their own pace, as one is often overwhelmed with impressions during a first working day. 

Post-Covid use

The 360° NMBS job tours were originally set up as a safe and responsible alternative to physical job days because of the Corona pandemic. However, 360° experiences are of equal if not greater value in post-Covid times

Each of the 360° experiences has been included on the new NMBS job site, allowing visitors to discover jobs all year round.

Online recruitment has proven to be easy and efficient. Virtual experiences can save both HR workers and prospective employees time, money, and resources

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