360° Experiences are a great way to welcome future residents to your assisted living facility. Anytime, anywhere. This virtual introduction attracts new residents in a more efficient way and serves as a Covid-proof visit to your facilities. 

Make future residents feel at home

Filtering information has become a challenge. The constant stream of information can be intimidating, especially for a generation that wasn’t born in a digital age. A 360° experience transforms complex information into a simple story. It prevents the visitor from being overwhelmed by an overload of information and has them follow a carefully constructed path at their own pace. 

Visitors are able to explore the story behind your living facilities. A virtual experience not only provides them with a true to nature view of what their life will look like in their new home, but it also makes this first impression more personal. A pop-up of the residential care assistant welcomes them into the experience and a nifty dashboard allows you to tweak and alter the virtual experience to create specific personalized versions for your target audience.

360 experience i-mens youreka

The first step

That first step for people thinking about assisted living is always the hardest. Whether it’s the residents themselves or their friends and family who are exploring possibilities, starting a new chapter is intimidating. A 360° experience is a low-threshold way for future residents to explore your facilities at their own pace and from the comfort of their own couch. There’s also the option to have a care expert walk them through the virtual experience using the webinar functionality. 

Care experts don’t always have the time or means to reach out to future residents and guide them through the facilities separately. A 360° experience provides visitors with that first bit of relevant information they are looking for. It’s the ideal stepping stone to a physical visit or a meeting with a care expert.

i-mens case story

Residential care organization i-mens wanted to inform new residents about their assisted living facilities in an efficient and accessible way. A 360° experience allows them to welcome future residents and their families anytime, anywhere

The virtual experiences were created following the i-mens brand identity, resulting in a seamless website integration. Visitors can explore several residences, with a main focus on the model apartments. Throughout the 360° experience, visitors can find relevant information about the facilities such as room size, pricing, and services. Calls to action invite the visitor to download the brochure, sign up for a personal tour or get in touch.

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