360° Advertising

360° advertising allows you to display relevant ads to your virtual tour target audience 24/7. Make use of the longer engagement time to engage your online visitors with rich ad content such as photos and videos.

Convert engaged online visitors to customers using call to action buttons that generate purchases and reservations for your business.

Advertise to relevant audiences

Target relevant online audiences by showing specific ads that match the interest of your virtual tour visitors.

A sponsor carrousel can be used to display sponsor/partner logo's in the top left corner of the virtual tour screen. This can be used to drive traffic to logo-specific landing pages.

Simulate & test ad placements

Placing photo or video ads in your virtual tours to provide your online audience with additional rich advertising content.

Depending on your need we can either configure the 360° experience so that you can upload, display and manage in-house created photo and video ads.

Track Virtual Tour conversions

Track the number of actions and conversion that occurred in your virtual tour by consulting your Analytics Dashboard.

Depending on your business needs we can configure specific conversion to be tracked to match your business strategy. Newsletter subscriptions, app downloads, website visits and more can be tracked in your Dashboard.

Retarget virtual tour visitors

Our virtual tours are equipped with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to enable online remarketing and retargeting.

Show relevant ads to people that visited your virtual tour but didn't convert yet.

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