Boost your event venue sales with a customized presentation!

A versatile tool that allows you to present your event location and facilities to organizers worldwide in a highly customizable way.

Customized proposals for prospects

  • Help organizers envision their specific event at your venue
  • Strengthen presentations with a wide range of informative media

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A lead generator for your website

  • Help organizers find the right event space at their own pace
  • Save time by focusing on qualitative leads

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Create customized proposals

Boost your venue sales with personalized proposals for specific prospects. Walk organizers through your proposal and enhance your presentation with relevant information such as floor plans, fact sheets, videos and exhibition cases.

Generate qualitative leads

A user-friendly selection tool helps organizers find the most suitable space for their upcoming event. Contact forms, buttons and calls to action help capture qualitative lead information for your sales team to follow up on.

Matches the look & feel of your website

Everything is fully tailored to match your corporate branding and communication channels, resulting in an accessible and visually pleasing experience for the visitor. It makes this tool a fully integrated part of your communication and marketing strategy.


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Youreka developed a tool that combines 3D floorplans, fact sheets, 360° photos and other information that's relevant for our organizers and exhibitors.

Astrid Nap –  RAI Amsterdam

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